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Articles for November, 2023
Tax and Financial News
New Business Travel Per Diem Rates Announced for 2023-2024
November, 2023
New per diem rates were recently announced by the IRS and are effective for per diem allowances on or after Oct. 1, 2023. These updated rates include changes for the transportation industry, incidental expenses...
General Business News
Two Ways to Measure Revenue Per User
November, 2023
When it comes to measuring revenue, it’s essential that businesses analyze it from a variety of perspectives. While there's revenue and net income on an income statement to show a company's quarterly financials, another way...
Accounting News
Understanding Operating and Capital Leases
November, 2023
The first thing to define is what a lease itself is. It's an agreement or contract where one party, the lessor, allows another individual or business, the lessee, to use their asset in return for payments...
Financial Planning
2024 Cost of Living Adjustments
November, 2023
In one year’s time, the U.S. inflation rate dropped by more than half, from 8.2 percent in September 2022 to 3.7 percent in September of 2023....
What's New in Technology
Super Apps and Their Impact on Traditional Business Models
November, 2023
As technology advances, users crave convenient and feature-rich solutions. In mobile app development, the concept of super apps is taking the tech world by storm. These...
Tip of the Month
7 Smart Saving Strategies for Retirement
November, 2023
Next year, something called Peak 65 is happening. This moniker refers to the fact that more Americans will reach the traditional retirement age of 65 in the same year than at any time in history. Crazy...
Congress at Work
Banning Weapons Training in Public Schools, Funding Assistance for Ukraine, and Various Appropriations Bills for Fiscal Year 2024
November, 2023
Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act (HR 5110) – This bill was introduced in the House on Aug. 1 by Rep. Mark E. Green (R-TN). The purpose of this bill is to ban federal funds from being used for weapons training in...