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Articles for September, 2022
Tax and Financial News
Electric Vehicle Tax Credits and the Future of the Automotive Industry
September, 2022
One highlight of the recently passed Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (IRA; HR 5376) includes modifications to what is more commonly referred to as EV credits. Specifically, Section 30D of the Act is where the most...
General Business News
How Cost Accounting Helps Businesses Measure Performance
September, 2022
Cost accounting is a type of accounting that analyzes a business' complete production costs by looking at both variable and fixed costs. This includes the concepts of marginal costing, lean accounting, standard...
Accounting News
Understanding Free Cash Flow
September, 2022
According to JP Morgan Chase & Co., there are some sobering statistics for businesses' cash flow challenges. Understanding how cash flow is measured and analyzed is an important step for businesses to monitor...
Financial Planning
Should You Upgrade Your Homeowners Insurance?
September, 2022
During the first year of the pandemic, many homeowners spent their down time upgrading their homes. The year 2020 alone experienced at 3 percent uptick in spending on home improvements – to the tune of...
What's New in Technology
Risk of Browser Extensions and How to Stay Safe
September, 2022
Web browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge, among others, play an essential role in enabling access to websites on the internet. Most browsers allow users to install extensions, also...
Tip of the Month
Top Side Hustles
September, 2022
In our current economy, or anytime actually, it can’t hurt to have a side hustle to bring in extra cash. Some of these options can be quite lucrative, but like everything, it takes a little work to create a steady income stream...
Guest Article of the Month
2020 Vs 2021 Vs 2022 Federal Income Tax Brackets
September, 2022
The US tax system is progressive, meaning that the more you earn the more you pay. For the years 2020-2022 there are seven different brackets for each year. Which bracket you are in depends on your taxable...
Congress at Work
Productive Month Passing Domestic Manufacturing and Prescription Drug Allowances, Climate and Gun Violence Mitigation, and Veteran Burn Pit Healthcare Legislation
September, 2022
Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 (HR 5376) – This legislation was originally introduced as the Build Back Better Act, President Biden’s signature bill of 2021. After suffering defeat in the Senate...